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* WSHP - Water Source Heat Pump - Vertical High Rise Stacker

* WSHP - Water Source Heat Pump - Vertical High Rise Stacker

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*HRC(X)C-FHR Series (C-PSC, X-ECM Motors) Hydro-Tech vertical High Rise stacker water source heat pump by First Company c/w: R410a packaged WSHP, microprocessor circuit board, 1" throwaway filter, insulated cabinet, 208-230/1/60

  • HRCX-FHR Series ECM motor 14.0 EER
  • HRCC-FHR Series PSC motor 13.0 EER
  • Nominal cooling capacity: 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 Ton 

*HRCX-FHR Unique Features

  • 2-speed blower operation in the summer: 
    The Hydro-Tech removes more moisture from the air by operating on a lower speed for up to 10 minutes before quietly switching to a higher speed. An even higher speed is also available for high static applications
  • Small footprint: 
    Having the smallest footprint of any product in its class ensures a perfect fit when replacing older models in tight closets (even the 036 model is only 21.5 wide by 21.5 deep!)
  • Reversible blower assemblies: Blower assemblies are field-reversible 180 degrees (except model 040). This option can improve airflow when the units are installed in closets with very little room for supply plenums.
  • Optional Vacated Premises Control (VPC) kit with reset feature: Ensures that the unit will operate a minimum of one or two hours per day during extended  unoccupied periods. This option also includes an automatic reset feature. If a fault occurs, the system will shut down, but then automatically reset every 24 hours. If the same fault exists each day, the unit will lockout on the fourth day and have to be manually reset.
  • Superior insulation: Fully insulated with ¾” Tuf-Skin RX™, which offers greater sound absorption and better thermal efficiency. The insulation has a special acrylic coating that’s formulated with an EPA registered anti-microbial agent.
  • Removable discharge flange: Provides additional installation clearance.
  • Tool-less filter rack installation: Can be installed after the unit is in the closet, providing additional installation clearance.
  • Digital Control Module: State-of-the-art control module.

Accessory: 3/4" WSHP HOSE KIT - Return side 3/4" FNPT Y-ball Auto-Flow w/ isolation & PT plugs 24V N/C actuator and 3/4" NPT valve body, Supply side 3/4" FNPT Y-ball Strainer w/ isolation & blow down valve hinge cap, 2x24" 3/4" MNPT SS braided hoses.

Accessory: LOW SOUND ATTENUATION PACKAGE - Heavy duty insulated compressor cover for First Co water source heat pumps.

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