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Westcan Contact Details

As always, we do our best to respond as quickly as we can to email or phone calls, but sometimes life and work don't cooperate. In the email below the "at" and should be "@", hopefully that is a clever way to discourage spam bots.

Darcy Edmondson - 4O3-54O-6 6 2 1     darcy at

Accounting and admin superstar.  Contact her for any accounting or administration questions, customer invoicing, or warranty requests.

Kelly Johnson - 4O3-863-4 2 9 2     kelly at

Owner and self proclaimed fan coil rock star, struggling golfer, company website guy.  Contact me for technical questions, parts, or anything else you might need from us.  I respond as quick as I can to email (within 24-36 hours), but I try to answer my phone every time it rings, and like most people I can always be reached on text.


Best regards, Kelly