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Replacement Units & Parts - SPX & SPU, SPXA, SPXB

Replacement units & parts for First Co vertical ducted packaged cooling and heating units. OEM replacement DX evaporator cooling coils, electric heating coils, and hot water heating coils.

  •  The SPX and SPU Series with R22 refrigerant evaporator coils:
    • 9SPX, 12SPX, 18SPX, 24SPX
    • 9SPU, 12SPU, 18SPU, 24SPU
  • The SPXR and SPXA Series with R410A refrigerant evaporator coils:
    • 9SPXR, 12SPXR, 18SPXR, 24SPXR
    • 9SPXA, 12SPXA, 18SPXA, 24SPXA
    • 9SPXB, 12SPXB, 18SPXB, 24SPXB
  • Electric heating coil element assembly designation is with "-n" appended to above models (ie 18SPX-10):
    • -3 KW has one 3 KW element
    • -5 KW has one 5 KW element
    • -6 KW has two 3 KW elements
    • -8 KW has two 4 KW elements
    • -10 KW has two 5 KW elements
    • Or enter coil Product Code number in the above site search bar.
    • Note: Pictures shown are for purpose of illustration only.
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