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Parts pricing changes frequently, and is not updated on the website because of Covid.  Please phone or email for pricing.


Live Chat

This is a cool techie thing, but call if if it does not work right away.  In the bottom right corner is a CHAT feature that sends a text to my Shopify Ping app on my iPhone. 

In Safari browsers it is called Apple Business Chat.  It looks like a blue text icon and will open up the conversation in your Messages app.
In Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and other browsers the green chat icon will open a message window that you can enter a live chat.
If I don't respond in a couple of minutes, call me or text me a direct question at 403-863-4292. email is
kelly @


Marketing and Spam

We hate spam ourselves.  We won't send you any marketing spam..... okay maybe a little, if we release a new product, or have some cool news ; )

Mostly, we will only send just the information you request from us.


Best regards, Kelly