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Account & Sign In

Parts pricing is hidden until you are signed in with authorized login credentials.  

You can update your account details such as password, company name, address, phone number.

If you are signed in then there is a notice in the top right corner like "Logged in as FirstName · Log out" is displayed above the Shopping Cart button.

Live Chat

This is a cool techie thing, but call if if it does not work right away.  In the bottom right corner is a CHAT feature that sends a text to my Shopify Ping app on my iPhone. 

In Safari browsers it is called Apple Business Chat.  It looks like a blue text icon and will open up the conversation in your Messages app.
In Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and other browsers the green chat icon will open a message window that you can enter a live chat.
If I don't respond in a couple of minutes, call me or text me a direct question at 403-863-4292.


Marketing and Spam

We hate spam ourselves.  We won't send you any marketing spam..... okay maybe a little, if we release a new product, or have some cool news ; )

Mostly, we will only send just the information you request from us.


Best regards, Kelly