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Replacement Units & Parts - HBXB-HW & MBXB-HW Series

Replacement units & coils for fan coils built by: First Co, First Company, AE Air, Applied Environmental AirTCS Inc.  OEM replacement hot water heating coils, DX evaporator cooling coils.

  • The HBXB-HW Series consists of models:
    • 18HBXB-HW, 24HBXB-HW, 30HBXB-HW, 36HBXB-HW
  • The MBXB-HW Series consists of models:
    • 18MBXB-HW, 24MBXB-HW, 30MBXB-HW, 36MBXB-HW
    • 18MBXB-2HW, 24MBXB-2HW, 30MBXB-2HW, 36MBXB-2HW
    • 18MBXB-3HW, 24MBXB-3HW, 30MBXB-3HW, 36MBXB-3HW
    • "-2HW" is a 2-row hot water heating coil
    • "-3HW" is a 3-row hot water heating coil
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