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Welcome to the web site for Westcan HVAC Sales Ltd.  We are a Calgary based independent manufacturer’s representative founded in 2001.  Our business is to supply HVAC fan coil equipment for the Multi-Residential and Condo markets in Western Canada.

Our primary products:

  1. First Co 2-pipe/DX fan coils and air handling units from Dallas TX.
  2. AE-Air commercial 4-pipe fan coils and water source heat pumps from Dallas TX.
  3. Enerzone Inc integrated fan coils with ERVs from London ON.
  4. Complementary equipment, accessories, parts, and controls for those product lines.
    1. Caleffi Hydronics: replacement control valves
    2. Hays Fluid Controls: autoflow balance valves
    3. Peco: AT8877 multi-custom thermostats for all fan coil applications.

We are a valuable resource for information and technical expertise for equipment application during initial design, commissioning, operation, maintenance and service, while providing professional representation for all of the manufacturers we work with.

We believe in a multi-discipline approach to applied HVAC engineering sales, and work to provide complete information for engineering professionals and ultimately the mechanical, electrical, sheet metal, refrigeration, and controls trades that work with our products.  We have detailed technical experience as well as a systems approach to the integration of HVAC equipment into new construction or retrofit projects.