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*Integrated ERV-VSHP: Water Source Heat Pump with ERV.

Installation type:

 - Vertical orientation for built in recessed wall or mechanical closet installation

 - 1/2 to 3 Ton nominal capacity



TAG: IQ-ERV-VSHP model size 0.5,0.75,1.0,1.25,1.5,2.0,2.5,3.0 Ton Integrated WSHP with ERV by Enerzone Inc c/w: Standard efficiency ERV core, twin ERV 2-spd motors, automatic defrost of ERV core, 4-row DX cooling coil with TXV and evaporator defrost stats, drain pan, 208V ECM 4-spd blower, 24V heating control valve, SS braided hose, 1" MERV 8 filter, insulated cabinet, triple isolated compressor, removable WSHP chassis, R/A access panel, top discharge S/A, 208/1/60 electrical.

INCLUDES: FACTORY INSTALLED WSHP HOSE KIT  -  Valve Cluster includes: 2 isolation valves, 1 Hays auto flow balance valve, individual coil valve for drainage, Stainless Steel braided hose with adapter to go from swivel flare to 1/2" threaded ball valve (isolation ball valve field supplied and installed).

INCLUDES: Shipped separate - Unit mounted Return Air access panel with filter rack, factory painted.

INCLUDES: Constant Air Flow Regulators 5" Diameter (max 120 CFM) to minimize stack effect.

INCLUDES: 24V LED Bathroom activation control for high speed ERV air flow (one per unit).

INCLUDES: Enerzone digital programmable Wifi thermostat with 3-speed fan control.


OPTIONAL EXTRA: FACTORY INSTALLED 2-PIPE RISERS c/w: HWS HWR Type L copper risers, 1" fiberglass wrapped insulation for length of cabinet, Type M drain riser (no insulation), max 12 ft length. Requires field supplied insulation between vertical sets of units. 

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Upgraded 10x10x12 ERV core for 50/100 CFM with winter -30C 72% and summer 30C 74.8% Sensible Effectiveness for continuous low speed.

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Upgraded NET ZERO MAX 12x12x15 ERV core with minimum 80% Sensible Effectiveness.

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Twin ERV motor upgrade to ECM 2-speed for Exhaust Air and Fresh Air.

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Control Valve, 1x2-way sweat control valve body, 1x24V N.C. control actuator

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Strainers with blow down valve cap and chain.

OPTIONAL: Factory installed - Unit mounted Return Air filter rack with 1" MERV 8 filter (for installation in mechanical closet).

OPTIONAL: Shipped separate - Unit mounted double deflection Supply Air grille with opposed blade dampers.


NOT INCLUDED: Riser enclosures, vibration pads, remote supply air grilles. Riser guides and anchors must be supplied and installed by mechanical contractor, expansion compensators.


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